THE WHITE QUEEN MODERN AU: elizabeth x henry requested by strongfemalewoman

elizabeth plantagenet grew up with everything: looks, money, position, beloved siblings. sent to the poshest schools available and then sailing through cambridge university, her life was exactly on-course. but now her father’s dead and her brothers killed in a mysterious car crash, and suddenly elizabeth is floundering in a tide turned against her. she uses her uncle richard, the new ceo of york inc., as a protection against the outside world for a while. but soon rumours of an unpleasant nature begin circulating about them, and elizabeth and her mother move to orchestrate a risky and utterly game-changing move: elizabeth will be engaged to the energetic young man in charge of lancaster ltd., the bitterest enemies of york inc. elizabeth thinks she’s got it all worked out: they will oust richard, merge the companies, and she and henry tudor will conquer the world together. the one thing she certainly doesn’t expect is that she’ll fall in love with the young lancaster along the way.